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8 Tips for Facing the Week with Chronic Fatigue

Life with chronic fatigue can be plain difficult. Anything we do can easily lead to overexertion. It’s more than just being a little tired. It’s sleeping all the time and never feeling rested. It’s when your body and soul just constantly feel worn out. I have dealt with fatigue for over a decade, coinciding withContinue reading “8 Tips for Facing the Week with Chronic Fatigue”

Empathy and Boundaries While Living with Pain

Where is the line between practicing empathy and setting healthy boundaries? More often than not, people are repeating taught behaviors or just living on autopilot and not even noticing how their actions affect others (or maybe there are cultural differences that could explain the “rudeness”). I saw a question on Twitter recently that asked aboutContinue reading “Empathy and Boundaries While Living with Pain”

Lots of Rain and No Umbrella

Every task we complete on our to-do list causes a raindrop to fall. Some drops are smaller and some are larger, but every thing we do—brushing our teeth or going to an appointment—results in water falling around us. People without chronic illnesses are naturally equipped with an umbrella and rain boots. They can do whateverContinue reading “Lots of Rain and No Umbrella”