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Lots of Rain and No Umbrella

Every task we complete on our to-do list causes a raindrop to fall. Some drops are smaller and some are larger, but every thing we do—brushing our teeth or going to an appointment—results in water falling around us.

People without chronic illnesses are naturally equipped with an umbrella and rain boots. They can do whatever they want to in a day without fear of the rain water slowing them down. As the puddle builds beneath their feet, they are unscathed.

People with chronic illnesses on the other hand, do not have rain equipment. We are seemingly unprepared by nature and unfortunately, we cannot borrow another person’s boots or umbrella. As we exchange tasks for raindrops, our puddle can quickly become overwhelming. We find ourselves in a rainwater puddle, exhausted, and at risk for getting more sick if we don’t stop and rest.

We can use this as code to help explain to our loved ones when we need a break. I know that telling my fiancé that my puddle is getting too large, has made a positive difference in our communication. He then helps me find a seat if we are out and about so that I can rest.

Now, when one is bogged down with rainwater a majority of the time, it becomes more difficult to experience an authentic sunrise. Not impossible. This is why rest and self-care are so important. This is why putting our time toward things that soothe our soul when we can makes such a big difference in the quality of our lives.

An authentic sunrise refers to inspiration and pursuing a dream set on our hearts. If it’s our passion, it’s our passion for a reason–or I like to think so anyway. An authentic sunrise also refers to us being our true selves and allowing our inner light to shine bright. Our sun beans warm ourselves and allow others the encouragement to let their own lights shine. It’s a contagious phenomenon. It can be hard to be ourselves, or to even know who we are when battling an invisible illness. That’s why managing the size of our rain water puddles is so important.

We sometimes attempt to borrow an umbrella from someone else, and keep pushing and pushing. When we burn the candle at both ends, we wind up with a melted mess. And we don’t want to be a melted mess! We don’t want to be soaked with rain drops, unable to do anything for days because we’ve caught a cold. We want to live our life to the fullest, and that includes resting so we can enjoy the things that we have energy for.

Sing and dance in the rain! Enjoy every rain drop that hits your face. Just remember, you don’t have boots or an umbrella like a lot of our peers. BUT you aren’t the only one dancing with bare feet. It can be hard, but I try to appreciate everything I am able to do because I don’t know if I will be able to do the same task tomorrow.

So, take it day-by-day and drop by drop. Remember you aren’t alone and despite the rain, your sunrise is just beyond the horizon waiting for day to break.

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