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Welcome to Authentic Sunrise!

An authentic sunrise refers to a spark of inspiration—perhaps even an awakening of sorts. It is when we organically discover what is our gift, or what we can offer the world.

Now, we can choose to share our gift or not. I like the philosophy of using our gifts selfishly. What I mean by this is that we use our gifts, like writing, for our own healing or therapeutic needs. Then we can share our stories (or products or what have you) with others and if it resonates with them, then fantastic! If not, then we as creators still have something that we can be proud of and that is worthwhile because it did have an impact for at least one person—us.

I adapted this idea from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to live a more creative and expressive life!

A lot of the posts on this blog will be focused on living with chronic illness because although it is possible to experience an authentic sunrise living with a chronic illness, it definitely can be more challenging with symptoms and fatigue; however, the posts are designed so that anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and explore journaling topics can do so.

Excited that you are joining me on this journey! Be sure to subscribe to stay updated on posts. 



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